One Option to Avoid High International Roaming Charges

Save up to 80% on international travel callsDo you want to avoid or reduce international roaming bills?
…have an unlocked GSM phone to use with an international SIM card?
…need a new unlocked cell phone with an international SIM card already installed?
…rarely travel abroad and just want cell phone service for your upcoming trip?

OneSimCard is International Cell Phone Service provider for savvy travelers wanting the freedom, savings, and convenience of no-contract cell phone service in nearly 200 countries.  With their international SIM card you can now stay connected to friends, family, colleagues, and to essential local services in your countries of stay, without spending your entire travel budget on international cell phone roaming charges.   Get prepaid cell phone service in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Central America, and Oceania, and save an average of 80% over your domestic wireless carrier’s high international roaming rates.  Pay-as-you-go from only $0.29 per minute with free incoming calls in 75 countries and free incoming SMS text messages everywhere!  Whether you’re a leisure traveler, business executive, or student leaving to study abroad, with a OneSimCard international SIM card you’ll be covered by over 325 mobile roaming networks worldwide.   For more info click here.

Coupon code for extra discount:  ISLNDTRV10


  1. Update from OneSim Card: OneSim VoIP – Make And Receive Calls Over Wi-Fi For As Little As 1c/min!

    OneSim VoIP provides OneSimCard customers with an even less expensive way to make and receive international calls on their OneSimCard-enabled mobile phones. To use OneSim VoIP, users must have a sufficient Wi-Fi connection, Android 2.0 or higher phone and a VoIP-enabled Personal Extra Number (PEN) activated with When making an outgoing call, a OneSimCard user can select the way the call will be made – either through the OneSimCard international SIM card or our Wi-Fi VoIP network. Calls made over the Wi-Fi VoIP network are generally much lower cost than OneSimCard’s standard international roaming rates. Incoming calls made to the PEN will be received through low-cost VoIP if the OneSimCard phone and OneSim VoIP app are registered on a sufficient Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, the call will be sent the usual way to the phone through the international SIM card.

    The OneSim VoIP app will work only if the OneSimCard international SIM card is installed in the phone. Initial settings for the app are available in the “My SIM Cards” menu of the online account. More information is available here, and remember to use coupon code for extra discount: ISLNDTRV10

    Important: Connection quality of the calls made using OneSim VoIP option over Wi-Fi will only be as good as the quality of the Wi-Fi connection. Please be advised that in most cases this kind of connection quality is inferior to the connection quality made through the OneSimCard international SIM card roaming network.

    OneSim VoIP will be fully functional and all rates will be posted online within the next few days.

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