Our Votes for Best Super Bowl 2013 Commercial

Couldn’t resist sharing my favorite Super Bowl 2013 commercials! Thanks Volkswagen–great work!

Some ignorant people view this commercial as offensive to Jamaicans or racist in some way, but in fact, Jamaica views it as a compliment and fully endorses it.

The commercial’s premise is that buying a VW will transform its owner to embody the happy, “no problem, mon” vibes exemplified by the people of Jamaica.  The commercial is complete with background music by renowned Jamaican musician Jimmy Cliff, who sings his version of “Come On, Get Happy.”

“We view the commercial as a compliment to the island,” said John Lynch, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism. “Happiness is synonymous with a Jamaican vacation. What’s not to love? Great people, delicious food — people should tap into the spirit of Jamaica and Get Happy each day.  Our motto is ‘Out of Many, One People’ as the island is very diverse. In fact, Jamaica has a strong German heritage with an existing Germantown community where people may look and sound like the gentleman in the commercial. He was spot on!”

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