Jamaican Representatives Approve Casino Gaming Regulations

Jamaica moved a step closer to establishing casino gaming this week as the country’s House of Representatives approved two sets of gaming regulations concerning operating applications, casino activities and gaming procedures.  The approvals will facilitate planning for prospective operators of resort-based casino operations, said Audley Shaw, Jamaica’s minister of finance, in a Jamaica News Service report published Friday.  “The regulations, when passed, will signal to prospective developers and investors that we are now ready to receive their application and it is intended that not more than three orders for integrated resort development will be issued.”  The legislation requires new resort developments seeking the casino licenses to include one or more hotels consisting of at least 2,000 rooms, with at least 1,000 rooms will be available for occupancy before the commencement of casino operations.  Existing resorts seeking to get casino licenses would have to meet the necessary investment and expansion requirements as stipulated in the casino gaming legislation, said Edmund Bartlett, minister of tourism.

Source/Credit: Brian Major, Travel Pulse

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