Learn How to be a Home-Based Travel Agent

Become a Travel AgentIf you’ve ever researched the ins and outs of becoming a home-based travel agent, there’s a lot of information out there. Some of it good. Some of it misleading. Some of it misguided. And some of it just plain lousy. Since you’re doing your research, you’ve probably such offers.

Home-based travel agents are the wave of the future. Home-based travel agents are the fastest growing segment (the only growing segment, in fact) of the travel distribution system . . . despite the fact that the profession has reached new heights of professionalism . . . there are still a lot of sleazy come-ons out there.

Maybe you love to travel and you’ve considered being an agent. If so, you might have been tempted to respond to one of those come-ons I just mentioned. If you did, don’t feel too bad because I know quality information is hard to come by. It’s especially hard to get reliable, unbiased information about this very exciting opportunity.

I’ve become aware of the availability of a new home study course. The author has spent the last fifteen years discovering the secrets to becoming successful as a home-based travel agent. His course has been designed to teach you what you need to know:

  • Get started on a shoestring and “test the waters”
  • Negotiate a contract with a “host agency”
  • Understand the nature of your relationship with your host agency
  • Earn the highest commissions possible
  • Get the travel industry discounts and benefits to which you are entitled
  • Take tax-deductible cruises while you learn the business
  • Receive free training from industry experts
  • About setting up your business
  • About those Travel Industry ID Numbers

Remember, this is not one of those “get-rich-quick” or “get-something-for-nothing” schemes. This is a serious home study course about a serious business that can make you some serious money.

Although I’ve worked as a home-based agent for almost 12 years, I have obtained this course and intend to start it as time permits.  I realize there’s still much I need to learn about this business. I will keep Jamaicamania readers informed as I work my way through the course.

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