Rum and Reggae? Not Here: Treasure Beach Jamaica

Treasure Beach Jamaica (Photo Credit: Remy Scalza, New York Times Travel)

Photo Credit: Remy Scalza, New York Times Travel

I found a great article in the New York Times about Treasure Beach on Jamaica’s rural southern coast.
Some bullet points from the article:
  • isolated–a twisting, two-hour drive through a rain forest from Montego Bay
  • no sprawling all-inclusives, no Margaritavilles; just a string of waterfront guesthouses set among local homes and a patchwork of rolling farmland
  • where to stay: Jake’s, Minerva House
  • where to eat and drink: Pelican Bar, Frenchman’s Reef
  • where to shop: Callaloo Butik

Source/Credit: New York Times Travel

Read the full article By Remy Scalza here.


  1. Chimwemwe says:

    Even during spinrg break negril doesnt relaly have a crown thats majority or even half college students. Back in the 90 s mtv used to have spinrg breaks in Jamaica but jamaica isnt a spinrg break spot like cancun.The only thing I can htink of is ATI weekend like someone else mentioned.

  2. Michelle says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful!

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