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Black River Safari from Montego Bay

Price: 86.99
Black River, the longest river in Jamaica, is a great place to explore remote mangrove swamps and to catch a glimpse of native species such as crocodiles living in their natural habitats. Take a fantastic Jamaican vacation tour through one of its most beautiful regions. A typical Jamaican lunch is included before a refreshing swim in the YS Falls.

Croydon Plantation with Jamaican Lunch

Price: 54.99
Come and experience a working Jamaican plantation! Croydon Plantation is nestled in the foothills of the Catadupa Mountains and you can sample the tropical fruits in season and enjoy a delicious Jamaican buffet surrounded by the lush green mountains of St. James. Book now for an unforgettable day in Jamaica!

Scenic Tour of Kingston

Price: 64.99
Visit Kingston, Jamaica’s capital. Visit the Bob Marley museum, the University of the West Indies and other fascinating attractions in the financial capital of the West Indies. Lying between the mystical Blue Mountains and world’s seventh largest wonder is the city where Jamaica’s spirit and culture come alive. See the culture of Kingston up close!

Jamaica’s Spirit of Reggae – the Bob Marley Experience from Montego Bay

Price: 85.99
When one thinks of Jamaica (mon), you can’t help but think of the King of Reggae, Bob Marley. Journey to the village of Nine Mile, where Bob lived, loved and played. Learn about the Rastafarian religion he practiced and made famous as well as seeing his final resting place. A moving tribute to a great musician!

Jeep Safari Adventure Tour from Montego Bay

Price: 71.99
Enjoy a rough and ready trip in a zebra striped four-wheel drive! Have the ultimate Jamaica off-road tour! You’ll head west from Montego Bay/Negril to the islands interior and discover the beauty, culture and history of this amazing country. Complete your tour with a short walk along the river where you can cool off in the natural pools while discovering hidden waterfalls!

Montego Bay Roundtrip Airport Transfer

Price: 19.99
To make the most of your vacation, be sure to book round trip airport transfers and save both time and money! Montego Bay Roundtrip Airport transfer is a must for a hassle-free Jamaican vacation. Get to and from your hotel comfortably and with the minimum of fuss and stress. Skip those long airport lines and head straight to your Montego Bay hotel!

John’s Hall Montego Bay Adventure Tour

Price: 74.99
Come, see, live, love and laugh captures the true spirit and flavor of Jamaica! Journey into the majestic mountainous countryside, wild flowers, lazy rivers and discover true native living.

Jamaica Bobsledding Tour from Montego Bay

Price: 65.99
Where else in the world can you experience the thrill of bobsledding without the icy conditions of a snowy mountain? For the adventure of a lifetime in Jamaica, book yourself a seat on a bobsledding tour from Montego Bay. Buckle up, hold on and get ready for a thrilling ride through the Jamaican rainforest you won’t want to miss!

Montego Bay Dune Buggy Adventure

Price: 75.59
Ride a dune buggy in Jamaica! The dune buggy adventure tour is a thrilling, adrenaline-filled adventure, and a must-do when in Montego Bay! Fasten your seat belt and prepare to explore the diverse landscapes of the Jamaican countryside as you travel across old sugar fields and estates dating back to the 1600s.

Jamaica Sky Explorer and Optional Zipline Tour from Montego Bay

Price: 44.99
Soar high above the Jamaican rainforest for breathtaking views of exotic Ocho Rios. There’s no better way to experience the beauty of Jamaica than from 700 feet (215 meters) above sea level in a state-of-the-art chairlift!

Montego Bay Shore Excursion: Dunn’s River Falls and Beach Horseback Riding Tour

Price: 114.99
While you’re in port in Montego Bay, Jamaica, take a shore excursion to the world-famous Dunn’s River Falls, and go horseback riding on the beach! Whether you’re a horseback riding novice or an experienced equestrian, you?ll love horseback riding along the Caribbean Sea. And the adventure continues at Dunn’s River Falls, a Jamaican natural wonder.

Montego Bay Shore Excursion: Green Grotto Caves and Shopping Combination Tour

Price: 52.99
While you’re in port in Montego Bay, Jamaica, take a shore excursion to the Green Grotto Caves and enjoy shopping in Montego Bay. You don’t want to miss the caves, which are one of Jamaica’s most fascinating pieces of nature, and you certainly can’t re-board your ship without a little retail therapy.

Montego Bay Shore Excursion: John’s Hall Adventure Tour

Price: 74.99
While you’re in port in Montego Bay, immerse yourself in Jamaica’s beauty and culture. On the John’s Hall Adventure Tour, you’ll capture the true spirit and flavor of Jamaica. Journey into the majestic mountainous countryside, admire the wild flowers and lazy rivers, and discover true native living.

Tours, Excursions, Activities From Negril: Book ahead to save time and money!


Negril Sunset Tour

Price: 43.99
Head to Jamaica’s west coast for an historical tour of Negril! See this beautiful, sleepy town and catch on to its laid-back attitude! Relax on seven miles of white sand beach!

Black River Safari

Price: 89.99
Explore the beautiful and untouched South Coast of Jamaica on this exciting nature tour. Relax as you travel in an air conditioned coach through the beautiful countryside on your way to the Black River. Your well-informed captain shows you the flora and fauna that inhabits the banks of the longest river on the island. Explore remote mangrove swamps and view crocodiles and other native species in their natural habitat.

Negril Highlights

Price: 24.99
Get to know Negril a little better! Negril is now known as the playground of Jamaica. With over 6.5 miles (11km) of white sandy beaches, spectacular sunsets and the most laid-back lifestyle in the country, Negril is one place that deserves a visit.

Jamaica ATV Off-Road Adventure to Sandy Bay

Price: 80.99
Go 4-wheeling in Jamaica! Weave your way through a working citrus plantation while exploring an amazing Jamaican ATV site! Try some traditional chicken jerk and sip on an ice cold beer! The perfect Jamaican experience!

Canopy Tour

Price: 80.99
Swing through the trees with the greatest of ease on this adrenaline-charged Jamaica zipline tour! Ride a zipline in Jamaica – soar from one platform to the next amongst the tree-tops 45 feet (14 meters) above the ground! You’ll feel like Tarzan or George of the Jungle as you ride through the canopy of a tropical paradise!

Jungle River Tubing Safari

Price: 57.59
Combine water, adrenaline and lounging in the tropical sun on the tour that has it all! Go inner tubing in a Jamaican river! Start your Jamaican inner tube adventure with a relaxing float through some of the most picturesque areas of the island. Then it’s on to the rapids which are just right for a fun-filled adventure. You’ll want to ride them over and over again!

Tours, Excursions, Activities From Ocho Rios: Book ahead to save time and money!


Dunns River Falls and Ocho Rios Shopping Tour

Price: 51.99
A shopper’s paradise and home to the world famous Dunns River Falls, Ocho Rios has become one of the most energetic cities in Jamaica. Leisurely browse through the town’s many craft markets before venturing to Dunns River Falls cascading down 600 feet (180 meters) into the sea.

Ocho Rios Highlights Tour

Price: 46.99
Shop ’til you drop! Take an extensive tour through the bustling streets of Ocho Rios and spend an afternoon exploring the town’s many shopping arcades and craft markets. There’s no better way to finish your day than by taking a refreshing climb up magnificent Dunns River Falls.

Kingston Day Trip from Ocho Rios with Bob Marley Museum

Price: 64.99
Discover Jamaica’s capital, Kingston, on a day trip from Ocho Rios. You’ll enjoy an informative guided tour of the city and visit the famous Bob Marley Museum, highlighting the lasting musical legacy of the late great reggae master.

Negril Beach Tour from Ocho Rios

Price: 54.99
Travel along the beautiful north coast via Montego Bay to the village of Negril, where time stands still and fun and relaxation is a way of life. Explore the seven miles (11km) of uninterrupted white sand beach and pick your own special spot to savor the sun and cast away all your inhibitions.

Irie Adventure

Price: 99.99
Enjoy the offerings of two magnificent rivers in one day.

Bob Marley Reggae Explosion

Price: 58.99
Drive through the Jamaican countryside to the birth place of Bob Marley at Nine Miles. Take the chance to stand on Mt. Zion, where Bob meditated and get to see his final resting place. This tour will show you how a small nation like Jamaica created a genre of music that captivated the world.

Swim with Dolphins Program in Ocho Rios

Price: 214.49
This Ocho Rios package brings you in close contact with the dolphins where you experience a one-to-one encounter as you swim and frolic with two friendly dolphins. You’ll also see exciting birds, tropical fish, reptiles and amazing Jamaican plants as you take a gentle nature walk through lush, unspoiled tropical rainforest!

Ocho Rios Dolphin Encounter

Price: 141.89
This is a great Ocho Rios intermediate package where you swim in the deep for half an hour with one dolphin after an introduction and briefing from resident expert trainers. Experience for yourself the unique feeling of awe which dolphins inspire by their profound intelligence and beauty!

Ocho Rios Dolphin Touch Program

Price: 73.69
In this 20-minute program, children and adults alike, will enjoy the company of their new dolphin friends in Ocho Rios. Learn about dolphins in the educational introductory presentation then have an encounter with the dolphins from the security of the shallows. Being extremely sociable, they will enjoy your company, as you will theirs. Caress and touch the dolphins and view them up close!

Entrance to Dolphin Cove at Treasure Reef

Price: 49.49
Discover the secrets of the Jamaican pirates at Treasure Reef, a mini replica of Port Royal. See pirates roaming around and enjoy the many activities included in your admission pass! Treasure Reef offers a day of absolute fun, entertainment and extreme enjoyment for people of all ages!

Camel Ride and Plantation Tour

Price: 85.79
Prospect Plantation is an agricultural property established in the 18th Century. Take a tractor drawn Jitney and experience a working Jamaican plantation, where you will see bananas, cassava, sugar cane, coffee, various spices and many other crops! You will see the magnificent White River Gorge – a spectacular view. Jamaica’s first hydro-electric power station was built here by Sir Harold Mitchell.

The Swim, Hold and Feed the Sharks Program

Price: 130.89
This rare opportunity to swim, feed and touch one of the most feared creatures of the sea. Treasure Reef has enough activities to keep you entertained for hours on end. There is no better way to spend a day in Jamaica!

Heritage Beach Horse Ride

Price: 69.99
Ride through the waves on horseback! Discover the rich history and culture of Jamaica as you ride on your beautiful horse through the wooded areas where the Taino Indians used to hunt for food. Stop off at the beach where you’ll be served some refreshments in the shade of a beach hut before heading into the crystal clear water for a refreshing swim!

Private Heritage Beach Ride

Price: 79.99
This private ride is tailored to suit the more experienced rider! Ride through the waves on horseback! Discover the rich history and culture of Jamaica as you ride on your beautiful horse through the wooded areas where the Taino Indians used to hunt for food. Stop off at the beach where you’ll be served some refreshments in the shade of a beach hut before heading into the crystal clear water for a refreshing swim!

Ocho Rios ATV Safari

Price: 69.29
This tour is packed full of adventure, excitement and adrenaline! Take a tour on a safe and fun ATV around Jamaica’s scenic countryside! Discover the history of the area and explore beneath the jungle canopy! Take a refreshing swim in the Caribbean Sea and cool off before browsing through the gift shop!


Tour the Rose Hall Great House

See the Bob Marley home and birthplace