The best travel accessory I ever bought

Blanzza Digital Luggage Scale

This inexpensive, easy-to-use digital luggage scale has probably saved me a lot of money in overweight bag fees over the years, and has certainly paid for itself many times over.  Weighing our luggage is always the last thing I do before leaving home for the airport.  It brings peace of mind knowing exactly what our luggage weighs before getting to the counter and prevents overweight bag fees, prevents delays at check-in, and allows me to better plan how many souvenirs or other items I can bring home and stay within the airline weight limit.

This simple device is very easy to use.  Weighing a piece of luggage takes only a few seconds and the result is displayed in either pounds or kilograms.  It has an easy-to-grip handle and shuts off automatically after use to save the battery.  My battery has lasted years and it still going strong.

You could buy three of these for less than the cost of one overweight baggage charge.  Check it out at: Blanzza Digital Luggage Scale

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