Update on Breezes Trelawny–to Become “Memories White Sands Beach Resort & Spa”

Breezes Trewlawny
Thanks to Avia Collinder, Business Writer, Jamaica Gleaner for this update.

Here’s a link to the full article: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20120608/business/business2.html

Sunwing buys former Breezes Trelawny hotel

Blue Diamond Hotels & Resorts, a division of Sunwing Travel Group, has purchased the former Breezes Trelawny.  The hotel will reopen to guests in November as a four-star plus resort under the new name of “Memories White Sands Beach Resort & Spa.”

Sunwing’s corporate and sales offices are located in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.  The company includes Sunwing Airlines and Sunwing Vacations. Their website claims departures from 33 Canadian gateways to 48 destinations in 21 countries, on a 24-plane fleet including Boeing 737-800 aircraft.  Sunwing does 20 flights per week into Jamaica from Canadian gateways, as well as Cincinnati and Nashville in the United States.

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  1. marilyn bedinger says:

    i hope it is better run then previous owner and management went there 3 times for 10-12 nights each and it was not bad but far from great lasr time was the worst to have to pay the price i did for bad food, poor service and everything falling apart for example elevaters hot tubs water heater and list goes on
    and i even got punch sprayed with mase and threaten to have throat slashed by peddler on beach and then i did not feel safe or protected by management

  2. mcfolkers says:

    We visited twice…once under the Starfish name and once under the Breezes name and have no complaints. The resort was due for a facelift and it is exciting that Sunwing is the new owner. Perhaps us Canadians will get a deal.

  3. I would like the new e-mail address of Memories White Sands Resort & Spa.

    Can any one give it to me????

  4. My family and I have been going there since 2004-2011. Each time our crowd got bigger and bigger. It was like having your own personal parties without all the cooking and cleaning. We always found it clean and people were friendly. The beach is most beautiful and relaxing. Good food and good friends. Lots of staff changes but many still there. Vacation is what you make of it. Any problems were solved. I’m not a complainer just looking for a relaxing environment with a nice beach, good food, and affordability. I hope the new owners keep the same cooks and friendliness of the resort. Renovations will be welcomed as it was a little outdated but as long as the air conditioner worked and the room was clean, I was HAPPY!!! I love Starfish and its location. So if gets any prettier and much busier especially with the new port down the road it might be challenging to find the unspoiled, relaxing environment that we regulars are used to. I hope they will continue with the 5 for 5 packages. It made my family and friends regulars these last seven years. Wecolming the Renovations but keep the cooks with their authenticate Jamaican cooking skills. I believe this is Great and I cannot wait to return when it reopens.

  5. My family and I have been going to starfish for years even before it was named starfish!
    we love it there and always get on with the staff we always go in groups of 30 and it alwaays gets bigger we hope the same staff will be there and it will remain open to uk

  6. Eddy Haley says:

    WE stayed at breezes in 2011 had a great 2 weeks, only problem now is can we get to stay at the new resort if coming from the uk? any one got any answers please.

  7. Still looking for an e-mail address

  8. Hillman Pépin Suzanne says:

    When it’s possible to reserve at Memories White Sands in Jamaica Falmouth, i would like to reserve soon as possible for 2 weeks december 2012 to january 2013 and enjoy a good opening price. Let me know.
    It’s third time to Montego Bay and 1st time to Breezes Trelaney last year and i would like to return this year!
    Please give me an informations for this new hotel Memories to Falmouth Jamaica.

  9. Urgently waiting to book at Memories in Falmouth. We stayed as a couple this Feb and can’t wait to return. Our feedback was so good to our family that my aunt, uncle, sister and brother would like to come with us next time so as soon as any information on booking available please let me know!

  10. For more info on Memories Resorts send an email to info@memoriesresorts.com or visit their website at: http://www.memoriesresorts.com/default.asp

  11. OMG I have awesome memories of this resort under any name. I married my husband there this past year and along with our 25 guests had a wonderrful time. Jerk chicken is the best!!! No complaints. It did need a face lift but we all could. LOL I can’t wait to go back

  12. Denise Gidaro says:

    Just can’t wait for the resort to re-open. We were there in Feb. 2012 and we so enjoyed ourselves….Food was great…beach really nice…great service..resort did need uplifting!…we are looking forward to going back in early 2013.

  13. akino (blackanees) says:

    well i was a server at the hotel not going to lie i try to make everyone happy its a nice place to be ..

  14. Went last year and had the best vacation ever. Beach parties, game show nights , and very good food and beverages. Really enjoyed the island on the beach as well. Would go back in a heart beat

  15. i have worked at this resort from in the 90s, i had the privilege working with some wonderful people not to mention meeting some great guest from all over he world!! i still keep in touch with the ones who keep coming and coming again to Trelawny Beach/Star Fish/ Breezes Telawny.. i would love the opportunity to work with Memories White Sand Beach Resort and Spa. Where can i send my resume? i have lots of experiences in the Hotel Industry.

  16. It was the best ever, my cousins and I had fun. Oh man, what a think to remember. Food n drink was great. The place was clean. Everythink was in order.

  17. always love the place. i hope bookit and expedia have the website.will it still be a family spot and kids free i would like to know…

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