The Value of Travel Insurance–It’s a Must Have

Since 1992, I have sailed on many cruises and enjoyed many trips to the Caribbean, Mexico, Bahamas, and Jamaica. I would not even consider traveling without travel insurance. Please take a minute to scan these articles below if you decide to travel WITHOUT travel insurance.

Bankruptcy court approves Windstar Cruises sale
U.S. Urges Avoiding Travel to Japan After 8.9-Magnitude Quake (Travel Pulse)
Hedging the Travel Bet: Disruptions Show Value of Travel Insurance (NY Times)
Midwest fliers latest to feel winter’s wrath (USA Today)
Holland America passenger dies in accident on ship-sold tour (USA Today)
Fog along Gulf Coast delays Carnival, Royal Caribbean ships (USA Today)
New Zealand Quake Strands Travelers (AOL Travel)
Reports of New Violence in Mazatlan Spur Cancellations of Cruise Port Calls (Cruise Critic)

At least get a quote for travel insurance from Travel Guard, a great company I have used many times.

Other well-respected providers are TravelSafe and Access America.

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  1. When booking a cruise, tour, or vacation package, it is critical to protect your investment via a third party travel insurance provider such as Access America or TravelSafe, two well-respected companies). If a cruise line or tour operator goes out of business, and you have purchased a “vacation protection plan” directly from that cruise line or tour operator, how likely do you think it will be that you will get your money back? Here is a timely example: Windstar Cruises has filed for bankruptcy–see below. While the story states that Windstar intends to honor all fares and reservations, we’ll just have to wait and see. Thanks to The InsideTraveller for this info.

    Windstar Cruises

    01-April-11 Ambassadors International, Inc. announced that it has entered into an agreement with Whippoorwill Associates, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Ambassadors proposes to sell substantially all of its assets, including its principal operating unit, Windstar Cruises through a court-supervised sale process. In accordance with the terms of the agreement with Whippoorwill, and to facilitate the sale transaction, Ambassadors and its U.S. subsidiaries today voluntarily filed petitions for reorganization under Chapter 11 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.. Ambassadors and Windstar intend to continue normal business operations during the sale process, which is proposed to be completed in approximately 45 days. Windstar also plans, subject to court approval, to continue to operate all Windstar cruises as scheduled; maintain all of Windstar’s customer programs and policies; honor all Windstar fares and reservations, including charter contracts; provide commissions and payments to its travel partners as usual and employee wages and benefits without interruption; and pay all Windstar vendors and suppliers for goods and services received both before and during the reorganization process in connection with the sale. Whippoorwill, a private investment firm with over $1 billion under management, intends to maintain Windstar’s business and operations and invest in Windstar’s growth following completion of the anticipated sale. Whippoorwill has agreed to provide $10 million in new financing under a Debtor-in-Possession (DIP) credit facility, which can be used to help support Ambassadors’ and Windstar’s continuing operations during the sale process.

  2. Good article by Ed Perkins from Smarter Travel.

    Regarding the discussion in this article of the recent unrest in Egypt…be advised that TravelSafe provides coverage for non-medical emergency evacuation.

    Make Sure You Get the Right Travel Insurance

  3. Update: Watched a TravelSafe insurance training webinar this week. Learned that TravelSafe offers hurricane warning coverage with their trip cancellation insurance. You are protected if, within 24 hours of your scheduled departure, the NOAA issues a hurricane warning for your destination and you decide to cancel your vacation.

    Important point to note if you are visiting a Sandals Resort. They used to offer a “hurricane guarantee”, but no longer do.

  4. Another well-respected travel insurance provider is Access America.

    Still not sure? Access America offers a free “10-day look”–they will refund your insurance premium if you cancel the insurance within 10 days of purchase and if you’ve not departed on your trip or filed a claim.

  5. TravelSafe’s plans are now “Primary Coverage” – No more waiting for homeowners or major medical company to pay first, $0 deductibles.
    They also made some other enhancements: their BASIC PLAN will now include these additional benefits:

    1. Cessation of Services of Common Carrier due to an unannounced strike, mechanical breakdown or bad weather (12 hours or more)
    2. Home or destination uninhabitable from natural disaster
    3. Permanent transfer of employment
    4. Being hijacked, quarantined or called to jury duty
    5. A Terrorist Incident
    6. Concierge and Business Assistance Services

    CLASSIC PLAN now allows for travelers 80+ to qualify for Pre-Existing Waiver when purchasing within 21 days of deposit. Benefits are limited to $10,000 trip cost and trip length of 30 days.

    NEW – CLASSIC PLUS PLAN is the same as the Classic Plan except, the Cancel For Any Reason Benefit is included and reflected in the rates.

    For more info on TravelSafe vacation protection plans, click here.

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